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Five Secrets to Successful Remodeling

A Front Porch
for the Boyds

The Boyds contacted Fulford Home Remodeling to create a front porch that would blend seamlessly with the existing homes structure. After reviewing the “3-D Before” pictures of the porch, this porch was a must have. Fulfords' design included a 6' x 10' front porch complete with black aluminum railings, rounded brick steps, matching brick corners, and arches to closely resemble the existing window arches. After the new porch was installed it was time to replace the old rotten front door, with a new custom glass front door that included a full upper transom and sidelights. This front porch not only met the expectations of blending with the existing home, but it greatly increased the beauty of this home, and better accommodates any friends or family that come to visit.

3-D Before